• 35/66 Days of Pony - Sweet and Elite

    I think everyone was a bit burnt out on Rainbow Dash at this point.  I can remember the Skype chat rooms breathing a collective sigh of relief from my angle.  She's a great character, but they really did take her to an almost overwhelming level of Dashyness. 

    Onward to Rarity! Once again, the dressmaker is pressured into giving up fame and fortune for friendship.  I'm starting to wonder why they didn't tag her as the element of loyalty.  This seems to happen a lot!  At least Fancy Pants was a badass. 

    Sweet and Elite gave us an excellent view at Canterlot as a whole.  I still see the airship used in art and fanfiction to this day.  Outside of art, Rarity's "Becoming Popular" song spawned hundreds of remixes.  It got so bad at one point that we had 8 in a row during music review. 

    Outside of Rarity, we were introduced to Pinkie Pie's party canon (which would be revisited several times in future episodes), along with the first alicorn shaped non-princess pony Fleur De Lis.  Even Gameloft got her confused during one of their updates.  

    Oh and Twilight dancing.  Can't forget that:

    Get some Sweet and Elite below!