• 33/66 Days of Pony - May the Best Pet Win!

    Is that 33 days? Are we actually half way there?  I seriously cannot wait until I actually have loads of stuff to post again.  This haitus is killing me! Season 4 needs to hurry up!

    That image above is pretty much the perfect representation of Rainbow Dash for the next two episodes.  We knew she was cocky and full of herself from her earlier antics, but May the Best Pet Win and Mysterious Mare Do Well really took her to a whole new level.  A lot of people thought she went a bit overboard on the narcissism.  Flaws aside though, this episode brought a lot of great things to the ever growing world of pony canon.  The song was something we had never seen before, going with a more showtune style.  Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash really work well together. 

    And of course, we can't forget about tank.   Future scenes like this made him the perfect Dash pet:

    Aww, Dashie cutest pony~

    Get some May the Best Pet Win below the break!