• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 25

    Startlingly relevant, wouldn't you say? Also, I fear for Kirby's ability to return to Dreamland or... wherever he is these days. Little balls of fluff are difficult to keep up with! I guess he'll have to stay here and look at all of these 237 magnificent ponies, sparking hot with destiny! Can't you see them, shining brightly in the night sky? I can. It's blotting out the stars. Ha, see what I did there? Transitions! Our grand event total has climbed up to a magnificent 8703 images! The march toward ten thousand continues. We can do it, everyone! Keep it up!

    This is always one of my favorite weeks of the event, because the limiters kind of come off and a great many people in the event have had a lot of the bells and whistles knocked off of them, tiredly but doggedly pursuing higher totals for themselves and noticing that, hey, they're actually doing really well for themselves! Now I can recognize huge amounts of names and see all of the progress you've been making. Now I get to see the stars light up and destinies unfold in front of me. But those stories are for later campfires! Let's tighten our belts and keep moving forward. It's only a little longer, you can do it!

    Along the lines of everything I was just saying, our gallery tonight is overflowing with the weight of destiny and also so many, many, many calendar puns. And some fruits, too. There was a lot of fun variety tonight, ranging from first dates and shipping stories to cutie mark stories or tales of grand adventure. All of them are wonderful in their own ways. So open the doors and step down the road. I think you'll like what you see.

    We've hit the final stages of the event, and it's starting to get tough. The schools have all started back up, jobs are transitioning into new quarters or continuing on the usual pace and making it harder and harder to keep up a recreational activity like that. We're in that funny little transitional zone where it's time to pack up all of our vacation activities and put noses to grindstones. But I say thee neigh! Let's have one last day dedicated to vacationing! Tonight, Draw a pony at the beach/Draw a pony surfing. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Monday, September 9. Watch out for Sharknadoes!

    ...And also my sincere apologies to all you southern hemisphere dwellers moving into spring instead of fall. I don't mean to ignore the conditions of your life with my wording, I just live in the United States is all. :(

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