• Crystal Fair Announces Tabitha St. Germain

    With conventions starting to wind down for the year, news of conventions next year are starting to heat up! The Crystal Fair in Finland for instance is proud to announce the attendance of Tabitha St. Germain as a guest of honor. This is certainly a wonderful start to what I believe will be a wonderful convention for our European friends.

    Check after the break for their full press release.

    Crystal Fair is proud to announce its first Guest of Honour: Tabitha St. Germain! In June, she will be flying from Canada all the way to Finland, travelling over 7500 km just to take part in the convention; her European convention debut! Also, for the first time in the history of pony conventions, Tabitha has written a personal blog post on our website, in which she talks about Finland from her own perspective! She has also written a short story inspired by Finland, which she has shared with all of us. There’s something you really don’t want to miss! Check out the blog post here!
    Like most of you probably know, Tabitha St. Germain is the highly talented voice actress behind many of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, including Rarity, Princess Luna and fan-favourite Derpy! Her career doesn’t just involve voicing candy-coloured ponies though; She has been the voice behind characters in hundreds of shows such as Ed, Edd n Eddy and Martha Speaks. Not restricting herself to just working on screen, she has also lead an extensive career on stage and has received an award for her performance in the Sondheim musical Assassins. Read more about Tabitha St. Germain on our website.
    Tabitha St. Germain doesn’t attend pony-related conventions very often, so we are extremely honoured to have her taking part in our convention. We hope that all of you are able to take this opportunity to see her live, as such occasions are somewhat of a rarity. Her events in our program will include panels, Q&As, autograph signing and a photo opportunity. Gold Sponsor Ticket holders will even have an amazing opportunity to meet and greet Tabitha in person!
    In addition to Tabitha St. Germain, we have plenty of community guests taking part in the convention as well. Beyond the ordinary panels and Q&As, they’ll be joining us in all kinds of different events related to what they’ve produced within the brony fandom. You can expect to see our musician guests, including Bronyfied, Twitch and TeiThePony, perform some of your favourite songs on stage, our cosplay star YamiNoCosmos will be judging at our cosplay competition, and so much more!
    Check out our website for more information, and be sure to take part in our ongoing “Ponify Finland” art competition!
    And remember, we are just getting started! Stay tuned, as we have plenty more announcements on the way during the upcoming months!
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