• 3/66 Days of Pony - The Ticket Master

    Ticket Master was one of those episodes a lot of people actually ended up starting with.  Hasbro usually included it with toys, magazines, and free on The Hub's website, while a good amount of the growing pony community would point their friends here.    It almost seemed like the secondary pilot in a way.   For those that weren't convinced after the first two episodes, this one solidified it.

    Slice of Life is what these characters have always done really well (though I still want my side story giant adventure arc Hasbro!), and this episode was the epitome of that.  We got a deeper understanding of  each of the characters one at a time, from Rainbow Dash and her narcissism to Fluttershy and her animal obsession.  The only one that was negatively effected was Rarity, who slowly fell into that pit of "generic girl character obsessed with marriage and fashion".  The others started building what would eventually be a full on "best pony" war.  Luckily the dressmaker would be redeemed later on, but I didn't know many that were a fan of anything other than her looks at this point.

    Anyway, head on down below the break for some good ol' fashioned Ticket Master!