• (Rumor) Future Funko Figure Info Via Hot Topic PM

    There isn't anywhere to link to specifically for this, so for now, I'm running with a rumor tag.  Someone going by the name of Jeremy had a back and forth with the Hot Topic Facebook page via PM.  Some neat little tidbits of information were gleaned from the staffer workin on the message box:
    • Applejack expected next year with Big Mac.
    • Applejack will have her hat.
    • The next two ponies are considered roommates (Octavia and Vinyl maybe?).
    • Out of Luna, Trixie, the CMC, and AJ, two are coming soon.
    • Discord has been in the talks, but his price will be higher due to his larger size.
    • Next Hot Topic ponies expected in November.
    • Trixie Early next year. 

    Again though, these aren't plastered on the front page yet, and if Build-A-Bear is any indication, what an employee says one day may change completely the day after.  Only an official announcement can be guaranteed 100%.  Regardless, none of these are far fetched at all. Hopefully we will see all of these characters soon! I'm honestly surprised Luna is taking so long.