• Remix War VII - When Genres Collide

    It has been a while since the guys over at My Little Remix ran a good ol' fashioned music war.  We have a ton more songs to remix, so this should be a fun one.   Can you handle the challenge? Can you resist remixing Rainbow Factory, Discord, and anything else by Glaze or Tombstone for the 300millionth time? Then head on over here for all the relevant rules, or below the break for their press release thingy.

    My Little Remix is hosting its 7th Remix War this month! Like previous remix wars, the goal of this war is to get musicians to create tons of great music as well as get musicians to know each other better through collaboration. On top of remixing each other's work, this remix war's theme is "When Genre's Collide" and encourages musicians to collaborate with one another and mix two different genres of music together to make something unique.

    In addition, there will be a huge streaming event hosted by Celestia Radio which will broken up over multiple days after the contest is over.

    Details about the contest can be found here: http://www.mylittleremix.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8532.