• Random Merch: Backpacks, Cups, Hair Chox, and More!

    Ponify everything! Soon enough, we are going to have computer cases and RAM chips emblazoned with Rainbow Dash on Newegg.

    Head on down below the break for a while bunch of stuff.

    Hot Topic Stuff

    Rainbow Dash Backpack

    Thanks to Anna for the image!

    Eye Shadow Pallette

    I think this might be an older one, but have it anyway just in case.

    Pony Cup

    Found at Walmart in the pop culture display by Asa.

    So Soft Gigglin Lily Doll

    Found on the MLP website by Julia! These things still creep me out a bit.

    Pony Pencils

    Found at Walmart with all those folders and stuff we posted a while back for school deals. Thanks to Jonathan for the image.

    Hair Chox

    Found at Target by Taps

    Equestria Girls Pencil Bag

    Randomly listed over here! Thanks to VLang for the heads up!

    Equestria Girls Backpack

    Once again on that Alibaba Site.

    And that about covers it for random merch! If you find stuff, hit that submit button up at the top and send it on over.