• New Book Announced: Rarity and the Curios Case of Charity

    Amazon is currently listing the 4th book in the G.M. Berrow series, this time dedicated to Rarity.  For those that haven't been following these, they are actually pretty fun, even if they are targeted at the younger demographic.  Think oldschool Goosebumps, but with ponies and without horror stuff.  I wouldn't mind a crossover with Escape From Horrorland though.  Get on it fanfic writers!

    Hit the break up for the synopsis, or head on over here to check out the main page.  

    And thanks to Robert for the heads up!

    Rarity is excited to welcome her new apprentice, Charity, to Ponyville. Rarity is sure that the two of them will become best friends, bonding over their love of fashion and glamour. But after Charity dyes her mane and tail to look more like her mentor, and begins to copy the fashionista's every move, Rarity realizes this pony is a problem!