• Game: Drifter

    Hey everyone, I got a game for you this time around! This one had a trailer posted a couple days ago, and now it's ready for release. Guide Derpy through the world, searching for seven... Well, it's better if you play it and find out! Check out more information and some screenshots after the break.

    Here's some stuff from the creators:
    Hello everyone, we have just released Drifter, a sequel to Stroll and Derpy Buddy. 
    We are hosting the game on SylrePony's Deviantart page.
    or there is a direct link here:
    Check system requirements in the README file before attempting to run. The game is currently for Windows only, but this may change with future releases. The first time you run it will take a bit to start up, but will be faster on subsequent loads. Some options can be changed in Config.lua (such as going to fullscreen mode). 
    Please send any errors or poor performance reports to drifterbugsreport@gmail.com. Specify your processor architecture (brand and 32 or 64 bit) graphic card model and any oddities your computer may have (ie overclocked, unofficial drivers, ect), as it can help us diagnose errors and fix bugs more quickly. If you encounter graphics problems such as flickering, try manually upgrading your graphics card driver. 
    Hope you enjoy the game!
    And here's some screenshots: