• Bronystate Weekend - Movies, Equestria Girls, and More

    Without episodes, we need to aim for what we can get! Equestria Girls is airing on The Hub this Sunday, and Bronystate is streaming it for nostalgia sake.  They also have a marathon leading up for it, because marathons are always fun. 

    Hit up the copy paste below or the poster above for all the relevant information, and find their website up here.
    Hey all you ponies! This weekend is going to be explosive here at Bronystate! First and fore most, we have our Brony Movie Night line up starting with Holes (yes the one with Shia La Beouf) followed by Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, with a side of pony in between. All starting on Friday at 7pm EDT. Don't be late!

    And then on Saturday at 12pm EDT, we have another new episode of Bronystate Presents! We will be joined with the animators of a few of the most well known fanmade animations! Featuring Robin Gosswiller of Project Interlude and Dusk's Dawn, Zedrin of Snowdrop and Fall of the Crystal Empire, and TehJade of Double Rainboom and I Am Octavia! It's going to be hot!

    And to finish off this weekend, We will be showing the bane of all bronies, Equestria Girls! There will be a marathon of ponies starting at 10am EDT, leading up to the movie, which shall start on 12pm EDT. You are definitely not going to want to miss this!