• Flash fiction event #5 - Love me, love my hive

    Does this look like the face of an emotion-sucking monster to you?
         Numero cinco, everybody.  For those of you that guessed Changelings, you win an e-cookie.  Short and sweet here.  I need you to write a fic that involves Chrysalis being happy.  The trick? It can NOT result from Chryssie either winning at the wedding, or taking over any part of Equestria.  Your deadline is 11:59 p.m. local to your time zone, July 31st.

         Since folks have been asking, the requirements are this:

    - 1500 words minimum
    - send completed fics to [email protected]
    - please send your fics in with your author name, relevant genre tags, and a link to your work.  Gdocs or Fimfiction preferred.

         Have fun, folks! Don't get bled dry too much! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a changeling to go snuggle.