• Equestria Girls - Discussion/Stream

    I think we've waited long enough on this one! Hopefully you all had a chance to give it a shot.  If not, I'm treating it like the usual episode post with some of the usual links below.  It's not on iTunes yet, but it has been on Youtube for a week or two now for those in areas without theaters.  Considering its sitting around a million and a half hits, I'm sure you guys figured that one out. 

    These are probably the better quality ones, though no Equestria Girls youtube link is perfect yet. 


    Helping Twilight Win the Crown
    Time to Come Togeather
    This is Our Big Night 
    A Friend for Life
    This Strange World

    I'll probably post a poll up after the current one gauging overall interest in the movie, but feel free to discuss the hell out of in comments!