• Questria: Princess Destiny Fundraiser

    I certainly don't need to tell you how ambitious the fandom is with all number of projects going on at any given time. From animations, artwork, and music, to games, plushies and customs our fandom does it all! Keeping with that fashion, a new game project of epic proportions has popped up spearheaded by the artist Doxy and he has started a fundraising campaign to hopefully make it a reality.

    Questria puts you in the role of a mentor to a young princess whose goal is to develop into the best princess she can be through your steady tutelage. It is an adventure meant to be SFW (with maybe a little sauciness) so don't worry if mentioning Doxy made you do a double take. For those of you familiar with the Princess Maker games this would be old hat to you all. Curious? Check out the Indiegogo page linked below for the full details and a demo video! 

    Indiegogo Page