ZOMBIES! That's the topic of news networks everywhere as both Equestria and Earth are taken over by a horde of angry brain eaters.  It seems a certain disease that was no more dangerous than the common cold in ponyland transformed into a virus with apocalyptic goals in mind after coming in contact with a human host. Now both ponies and humans are roving the world seeking organ "donations" and creating an army of dead in their wake.   Is that scientifically possible?! Who cares! It's ZOMBIES.

    You have partnered up with three ponies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to survive the undead onslaught and travel to a research facility in northern Equestria with a new strain of the virus that could save all of pony and humankind!

    Below the break, you will have a bunch of pony party members to build your team out of! How will you survive the zombie apocalypse? How will you save both Equestria and Earth?  Drop your setup and plans in the comments!

    Update: Now with a Poll on the side bar for your #1 Choice

    Twilight Sparkle - The Scientist

    Bio: One of the chief researchers in charge of the pony division of curing the zombie plague, she was stranded in Ponyville after a zombie attack nearly took the city. 

    Bonus: She has created a quick-use formula that can cure someone of the zombie infection just once per pony/person, as long as it is administered within half an hour after the initial bite. Twilight comes with six vials of this for your party, or any other pony you may run into. 

    Negative: This apocalypse thing is slowly breaking poor Twilight's mind.  Her decisions are sometimes irrational and extreme, which can and will put your party in danger. 

    Fluttershy - The Friendly Zombie

    Bio: Bitten by a zombie early on, Fluttershy quickly learned to control her flesh eating urges, thanks to her already calm and quiet nature. 

    Bonus: Can't be infected.  Immune to disease.  She has the ability to trick a swarm of zombies into bombarding something else if your party is ever stuck in a corner. 

    Negative:  She is a zombie sympathizer. If you kill too many of them, she will leave the group.  She also smells awful, but you will get used to it eventually.

    Applejack - The Bruiser

    Bio: Years of apple buckin' have turned this pony into a zombie killing machine.  When her farm was taken over, she set out to help the ponies of Equestria in any way she could.

    Bonus:  Her endurance and combat abilities are unmatched.  Where one pony would fall to three zombies, she can take on eight alone.  She also has a strong back, allowing her to carry double the amount of equipment. 

    Negative: Shes a one trick pony.  Outside of bucking things, Applejack doesn't bring much else to the table. Her stubbornness will also get her in trouble at one point, requiring your party to rescue her.

    Pinkie Pie - The Bard

    Bio: When Ponyville fell, Pinkie Pie wandered the wasteland searching for a place to call home, gathering tales and information from ponies and humans alike.  Her storytelling has become legendary.

    Bonus:  Even the most hardened group of survivors needs a good laugh every once in a while.   Pinkie Pie will keep the spirits of the party high.  She also has knowledge of hidden caches of supplies throughout the world, which you can take advantage of while traveling to the research station.

    Negative: Unfortunately, she sometimes takes the happy a bit too far.   Some outposts have outright banned her after a visit from the legendary Pinkie Pie turned into an all out riot.  There will be places that will refuse your group admittance simply due to your affiliation with the party pony. 

    Rarity  - The Infiltrator

    Bio: After her dress business collapsed (primarily due to the lack of respect for fashion from the zombie hordes), Rarity took the skills she had learned from years of crafting personas for the popular ponies of Canterlot on the road.

    Bonus: Using her femanine wiles and countless fake identities, Rarity can take advantage of the inhabitants of an outpost,  gaining huge bonuses to supply trading and in some cases completely cleaning out the stock of a less than intelligent shopkeeper.  A roll in the hay usually ends up with them tied up and her trotting away, saddlebags filled to the brim.

    Negative: While her resource gathering is unmatched,  years of being pampered have spoiled Rarity.  Expect endless whining, and even the chance that she will straight up leave if things really hit rock bottom.

    Rainbow Dash - The Scout


    Bio: With weather control teams everywhere breaking up, and her number one idol Spitfire being zombified, Rainbow Dash struggled to find some way to put her talents to good use.  After a brief stay with the now disbanded Canterlot Royal Guard, Rainbow discovered how useful incredibly fast flight can be in the field of scouting and infiltration, especially when the skies are swarming with deadly zombie pegasus. 

    Bonus:  For the most part, Rainbow Dash should help you avoid any major zombie outbreak centers.  Her infiltration abilities can also help determine the hostility of other nearby groups of survivors that you may encounter on your journey.

    Negative:  Rainbow hasn't completely come to terms with the dangers of the wasteland yet.  Her need for popularity and heroism can sometimes force your party into the complete opposite direction, as you are forced to sidetrack and rescue another group.  She also may take a bit of damage on each mission, due to the dangers of Equestria's famous flying zombies. 

    Princess Luna - The Guardian of the Night 

    Bio: After the fall of Canterlot, and the death of her sister, Luna set out to defend the ponies of Equestria as they slept at night.  The idea of a cure, and on some level, a rest from constant battle, has her rallying behind your cause. 

    Bonus:  Luna makes limited night time travel a possibility, and can can guard the party while they rest.  She is also a fairly competent warrior, though not as skilled as Applejack.

    Negative:  Unfortunately, the princess of the night is completely useless during the day.  Chances are she will be off snoozing in a tree somewhere and pop in at the last minute with a "Hello, everypony.  Did I miss anything?".

    Minuette - Apprentice Time Lord 

    Bio: With Equestria in shambles and her dental business overrun by the living dead, Colgate set out to re-discover the meaning of her cutie mark.  After a run in with a pony in a blue box, she discovered a natural proficiency with limited time magic. 

    Bonus: Colgate can stop time in ten second bursts, allowing her to escape harm, or rescue a party member mid-combat.  The intense requirements of time magic limit her to casting this three times before needing a few hours of rest. She can also reverse time on wounds, essentially healing a zombie bite once a day, or fixing up a few nasty cuts.  And finally, cavities and plaque are a thing of the past!  Expect sparkly clean teeth for the entire party, even Zombieshy. 

    Negative:  Colgate is no fighter. Her combat abilities are severely limited, promoting a more support style role as opposed to any direct conflict.  She can stop time to run in and save someone,  but taking a zombie on one on one, especially without her time stop, would be a huge struggle.

    The Great and Powerful Trixie - Sorceress 

    Bio: While Twilight decided to take up science and save the world, Trixie continued on down her path to become the Greatest and Most Powerful Pony in All of Equestria!  Unfortunately, most libraries housing the greatest and most powerful spells were completely destroyed. Bored, and looking to travel in hopes of finding powerful artifacts and loose spell scrolls, she will help you, but only because she knows you need her.

    Bonus: As a traveling unicorn herself, Trixie has a plethora of spells and abilities that make life on the road much more convenient.  Everything from cooking to mini-lightning clouds to power electronic devices.  Need something repaired? There is a spell for that.  Zombies bearing down on the camp and you need a distraction? There is a spell for that too!

    Negative:  Everything Trixie does is somewhat unreliable.  Her storm clouds have a chance to overcharge and fry whatever is plugged into them, and her zombie distracting performances may fail entirely.  Expect about a 30% failure rate on anything you have Trixie do.  And if she does derp something,  she will always blame you for it.