• A Call For Tutorials!

    Hey guys! As you know, EqD tries its best to be a site for the community with the number of features we run, the creation of EqD Music, the meetup map, and other goodies. One thing I have been thinking the site has been lacking though is a section containing tutorials which can help budding artists of all types get off the ground! So today I am sending out a call for tutorials of all types that can be used in the production of pony works of any type!

    Some examples, but not limited to, what we are looking for are:
    • Basic Guides: How to draw a pony, anatomy, beginners music, beginners crafting, ect
    • Coloring Guides
    • Guides on background design, drawing objects, ect
    • Vector Guides
    • Music Guides
    • Crafting Guides
    • Video Creation/Editing Guides
    • Fanfic Tutorials
    • Basically anything that can be used in a pony project! 
    Once we have some guides ready to go we'll put up a page which will be updated as tutorials come along. Hopefully we can build a large library of them so it's easier for new artists to get started and start creating pony of their own!

    If you have a tutorial you would like to contribute, whether it be a video, a dA journal, a pictorial guide, whatever, please send it to [email protected] and put the subject line Tutorial-Whatever the Tutorial is About for easy sorting.

    Hope to hear from you all soon!