• WTVY Seeking Pony Stuff

    WTVY is searching for some pony lovers to do videos explanations on why you love the show. They have been reporting on us for quite a while now, with primarily well-researched and positive press. Their article says it best:
    "Shoot a small video clip between 10 and 20 seconds of yourself explaining why you like the show—it can be in general, a specific aspect, a specific character, or even a specific episode—or maybe something related to the show like a writer, the fan community, or more. You can even show off your collection of merchandise and collectibles from the show if you'd like. Feel free to use your real name or a username, and include a location of where you are from—anywhere in the world is welcome!"
     Submission deadlines are May 29th, and submissions should be sent in via a Youtube link to Twitter or Facebook.  Good luck!