• Story: Where the Sun is Silent (Update - Sequel/Side Story!)

    [Shipping][Dark] "This elegantly written tale gives us the complexities of relationship conflicts done right, all the while setting the stage for large scale mystery and a lively sense of intrigue."
    ~Pre-reader Seattle

    Author: Cynewulf
    Description: On the eve of Twilight's wedding, trouble is brewing. Fluttershy mourns the love she lost and contemplates the bitter dregs of hate. Two friends loved the same stallion and he chose one. As mysterious murders rock the city of Canterlot and an ancient evil returns to battles long abandoned, Twilight and Fluttershy will finally have that peculiar heart to heart that only rivals in love can have.
    Unrequited passion is a dangerous force. In normal circumstances, a controllable one. When two mares who loved the same pony are left alone in the dark? Perhaps a lethal one.
    Where the Sun is Silent
    Catch For Us the Little Foxes
    Like Mighty Flame
    The Great Heart Will Not Be Denied (New!)
    The Concept of Anxiety (New!)

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