• Musiquestria 24-Hour Live Stream Event

    Hey there EQD readers! The Musiquestria project, a month-long pony music tour in the making, has a livestream event set up to start in a couple of hours featuring a bunch of live performances and guests!  Check it out below!

    As a way to gather more donations and awareness for the month-long music tour across the United States, Musiquestria is hosting a live stream of epic proportions! Join Donn DeVore, Tarby, Bejoty, Mic the Microphone, and the rest of the Musiquestria team this weekend for all sorts of pony shenanigans, including:

    • Live musical performances
    • Video games
    • Special guests
    • Contests
    • Food scarfing challenges
    • Embarrassing childhood memories
    • ...Makeovers?
    • And more!

    Some surprises are yet to be announced, so be sure to check back often. There will be many games like Minecraft and truth or dare, and you may get a chance to play with the performers! And remember to donate to the cause. The more funding we receive, the more epic tour we can bring you!

    May 25th at 7pm PDT to May 26th at 7pm PDT

    Visit http://www.musiquestria.com/ for more information.
    All inquiries to [email protected]
    Catch us around the net!

    Thanks to TetraPony for the tour bus image, and RPPirate for the kittens!