• Convention Compilation - May 29th

    More convention news you guys! While we only have two updates for you tonight, they are rather substantial as both Everfree Northwest and Nightmare Nights start to up the ante!

    • Everfree Northwest Gaming Guests and Events Announcement
    • Nightmare Nights Seeking Panel Submissions
    Check out the full press releases after the break!

    Everfree Northwest Gaming Guests and Events Announcement

    Who doesn’t like a good game from time to time? We have no idea! That’s why Everfree Northwest is delighted to announce the following gaming events and guests.

    - Crystal Games Challenge -

    The Gaming Colts will be hosting their very first game jam—Crystal Games Challenge—in conjunction with Everfree Northwest in order to support and nurture the practice of game development within the My Little Pony fandom.

    For those unfamiliar with the term ‘game jam’, a game jam is an event where people come together and make a video game or non-digital game like a board or card game. Participants rapidly prototype games and game designs. Everyone involved shares a common theme as well as restrictions with a centralized goal. Developers are asked to create a game from beginning to end in a predetermined amount of time (maximum of 48 hours). While brief, the short time span helps encourage creative thinking resulting in small but innovative and experimental games. Such exercises help introduce new ideas into the gaming industry and help game makers new and old hone their skills.

    The event will begin on June 22nd at noon Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and end on June 24th at noon PDT. All are welcome to join in. The challenge will be run online with details being passed out by the Gaming Colts on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Then, working with the Everfree Northwest Gaming Division, The Gaming Colts will showcase many of the submissions from the game jam in the convention’s Game Room during the con.

    For more information, check out the Gaming Colts website, Facebook, or Twitter, as they will be frequently updated with more information as it becomes available.

    - Guests -

    Legends of Equestria: A massively multiplayer online role-playing game centered in the land of Equestria, Legends of Equestria is a place where you can play as your very own custom pony, questing and going on adventures with your friends! You’ll be able to fly around, use magic, raise a pet, grow crops, and a whole host of other fun activities. The Legends of Equestria team will be giving a panel presentation going over the ins and outs of their game, so join us and find out all there is to know about this exciting project.  On top of their panel, the Legends of Equestria team will also give convention attendees an opportunity to play the game in a pre-alpha state, with convention-specific quests!

    Panels they’re on: Legends of Equestria and Games that Ponies Play: Making Games that Players Enjoy

    My Little Investigations: What do you get when you cross My Little Pony and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney? You get My Little Investigations! Join Twilight Sparkle as she investigates crime scenes for evidence, questions and interrogates ponies, and ultimately confronts the culprit. The developers behind My Little Investigations will be holding a panel, talking to and taking questions from fans about all things MLI.  Hear from them what it was like developing for the first case and what their thoughts are on the future of the game—and you can expect some teasers for case 2 as well.  MLI fans won't want to miss it, and newcomers to the game are welcome too!

    Panels they’re on: My Little Investigations and Games that Ponies Play: Making Games that Players Enjoy

    Bluescreen Bronies: In a community exploding with talented developers, the Bluescreen Bronies play, review and critique the games these creators design, along with other games popular with the Brony crowd. Part of the Everfree Network line-up, they present the latest in gaming news and game review each week. Join them as they host community game developers for the Games that Ponies Play: Making Games that Players Enjoy panel as they explore the in’s and outs of game creation from start to finish.

    Panels they’re on: Games that Ponies Play: Making Games that Players Enjoy

    The Gaming Colts: The Gaming Colts are a new group of Bronies dedicated to promoting the development of games by Bronies. They work to support all games created by Bronies and to nurture the community’s creative talent for game design and creation. Before Everfree Northwest, they will host the Crystal Games Challenge, a game jam to promote game development within the Brony community. Come see the games that are created during the jam in our Game Room, where the Gaming Colts will work with Everfree Northwest’s Gaming Division to showcase many of those creations.

    Panels they’re on: Games that Ponies Play: Making Games that Players Enjoy

    My Little Pony: Roleplaying Is Magic: My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic is a pen & paper tabletop RPG that aims to provide a truly unique and fun pen & paper roleplaying experience. Based on freeform roleplaying and concepts from such systems as Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, Mythic, and others, the system is light on strict rules and focuses more on a player’s ability to weave a collaborative tale with narrative-focused mechanics. The project lead and creator of the game, Tall Tail, will be in our Board Game Room on Friday and Saturday. Join in the fun and look for a game or start your own. Come and tell a story with us.

    Keep up to date on all of Everfree Northwest’s news and announcements by following us on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. As a reminder, con pre-registration ends on June 15th. Badges can still be purchased here.

    Nightmare Nights Looking for Panel Submissions

    Nightmare Nights Dallas is looking for panel and event submissions for their event in November! There is still lots of space for smaller panels as well as a few larger ones if you have a great idea! You can fill out their submission form here and they will review them. They're still about 5 months out but they're trying to get as much done as they can as soon as possible. Stepping up to help run a panel will do just that! 

    Submission Form