• Bronyville Episode 105 - Friendship's Bootleg Voicebox

    Dear Princess Luna,

    Well hello there fair princess. I promised a few weeks ago to give our lovely Princess of the Night a little fair treatment. So may we entertain you with the music of fandom? On this episode Midnight Shadow guests while sandy is out. And Markarian, Bejoty, and Pony Tim of Everfree Northwest come on to talk shop about their upcoming convention. In addition to telling us what really psyches them for next year we get into Equestria LA discussions, if streaming makes sense for conventions, continued discussion on Equestria Girls, and custom voiceboxes I may need to make a reality! Anyway, enjoy princess and may you sleep well.


    Apple Cider

    PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

    Episode page: http://bronyshow.com/?p=1067