• Discussion: What's Your Butt Symbol?!

    According to this completely random page on the internet that cites something else completely random, people change their careers five to seven times in their lifetime.  It's no secret that finding a livelihood that is both interesting and rewarding is extremely challenging.  I wouldn't doubt that a lot of you don't exactly enjoy your current place of employment.  At the same time though, I'm sure a bunch of you found your calling and enjoy every second of it.  Here on the EQD staff, we have a guy going for his doctorate in Neuroscience, and he seems to love it.

    So assuming you could get into your ideal field, what would your cutie mark be?  Have you always wanted to be an astronaut, but lack the time get the required degrees and experience for it? Or maybe you like something a bit more down to earth like bridge construction?

    Drop it in the comments below.

    Thnaks to Equinenoxx for the topic.