• Album Compilation - April 14th

    Albums! We seem to get quite a few of these lately. Have six of the ones that have been sitting around waiting to be posted for a while now!
    • The Road to PCAU - Koroshi-Ya
    • Phantom of Equestria - Luceds
    • Four - Errar404
    • Isolated - Ausrakey
    • A Season's Change - Pony Visitation
    • Electronic Symphonies - ViFFeX
    And all information on each below the break!

    Album Name: The Road to PCAU
    Genre: Rap
    Artist: Koroshi-Ya

    Description: "The album that begun upon the completion of #365 and ended upon the end of the road to PonyCon AU. Join Koroshi-Ya and others as they paved their road to the grandest stage in all of Oatstralia, PonyCon AU"

    Album Name: Phantom of Equestria
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Luceds

    Description: I wanted to try out more Orchestral and Instrumental songs and my friend is such a fan of classic so I thought about making this Album.
    It turned out pretty good I would say, hope you like it too!

    Album Name: FOUR
    Genre: Progressive House
    Artist: Errar404

    Description: This EP is four different house tracks based around four of my favorite ponies! This EP was also a challenge to myself to see if I could get done with this during my spring break, and I WAS SUCCESSFUL!

    Album Name: Isolated EP Extended
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Ausrakey

    Description: Ambient album that I released a little while ago. Have a re-release thats longer and has more pony.

    Album Name: A Season's Change
    Genre: Ambient, Classical
    Artist: PonyVisation

    Description: The longest piano improvisation I have ever attempted.
    Each part is based on a Season 3 song.
    8 Parts....I am insane

    Youtube Preview

    Album Name: Electronic Symphonies
    Genre: Electronic, acoustic, dance, orchestral
    Artist: ViFFeX

    Description: None