• Tumblr Spotlight: Coming Out of Your Shell / Motherly Scootaloo / Ask The Darkest Apple Core

    Random Twilight picture to kick off this unique Tumblr Spotlight today. I'm going to be trying something a little different in the future and that is to try out the occasional spotlight that highlights some of the more mature things that are out there in the pony tumblr world.

    Now by mature, I do NOT mean pornographic material or extreme gore. I mean ponies dealing with major life issues, psychological thrillers, and tumblrs with a more serious and dark tone that some might find objectionable. For those people, special editions of these spotlights will be prefaced with a message like this so you can avoid if you so choose. Otherwise, dive right on in with me as we take a look at some unique and wonderful tumblrs!

    If you have a tumblr you'd like to contribute, please make sure to send it along with a brief description of your tumblr to calpain@equestriadaily.com where I'll try my best to take a look at it for possible inclusion in a future post. Now on to our first tumblr today and make sure to check the others out after the break.

    Coming Out of Your Shell

    First up on our tumblr spotlight tonight is an ask blog that deals with an issue that is on the minds of many individuals out there in the world. Coming Out of Your Shell stars Snails, or Glitter as she likes to be called. Stuck in a body that does not match what she feels on the inside, this charming blog follows the journey of Glitter as she discovers herself and lives in a world where she is split between two very different selves.

    Coming Out of Your Shell - Current Page - First Page

    Motherly Scootaloo

    Our second tumblr deals with another pressing life issue that changes not only the one who goes through it, but all those that are around them. Featuring an older Scootaloo, Motherly Scootaloo follows the trials and tribulations of unexpected pregnancy and what a pony must do not only for herself, but for the life she is to bring into the world. Cute and touching, this is certainly one to check out.

    Motherly Scootaloo - Current Page - First Page

    Ask The Darkest Apple Core

    It's not being evil and no pony knows that more than Big Mac! Big Mac appears in Ask The Darkest Apple Core, a parody style tumblr that pokes fun at the Grimdark genre all while developing its own interesting world and story. Funny and very entertaining, this tumblr is sure to please both fans of Grimdark and those of you who couldn't care less about it!

    Ask The Darkest Apple Core - Current Page - First Page