• Random Merch: Key Chains, Sticker Album Video, Greetings Cards

    Random merch! We start this one off with aflapping wings Twilight Sparkle that is floating around over on Taobao along with all the other prototypes/fake toys.  Who knows on these!   Thanks to Christine for the image.

    Onward to more random merch! Find it all below the break.

    Rainbow Dash Keychains

    More from Hastings this time around, found in Boise, Idaho.   Thanks to Nightwings81 for the image!

    Collector Sticker Album Video

    Mentioned in the last Random Merch post was a sticker album from Chile. This video shows off the specifics on it, but the general idea is to collect stickers and toss them in there, with prizes for unlocking specific ones.  Stickers are blind bag style, so you never know which ones you are going to get.  Reminds me of that McDonalds Monopoly game, minus the extra 10 pounds.

    Thanks to Pablo for the image!

    Personalized Greeting Cards in the UK 

    Just in case you are 5 years old or have a 5 year old, some personalized greeting cards are available for the UK on Funkypigeon.com  Thanks to Danny for the link! 

    Lunch Box

    More UK stuff! Find it here!

    Water Bottle

    Also for you UK people! Check it here.