• Music of the Day #82

    Now with 100% more header. Calpain out!

    Also, have some music to end your day with. Roundup is around the bend!

    [1] Source
    Everfree Memories - Original orchestral pony composition
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [2] Source
    Luna's Corruption

    [3] Source
    Skyline & Ibeabronyrapper (Ft. Rhyme Flow)- Break the Sky
    Genre: Rap

    [4] Source
    Goggles - Moonlight

    [5] Source
    Radiarc - Cynosure: A Terrible Nightmare
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [6] Source
    Daring Do and the Secret of the Sea-Ponies OST: Ancient Dewfall Sanctum
    Genre: Instrumental - Chiptune

    [7] Source
    Fluttershy beatboxing! (Feat. Rainbow Dash)

    [8] Source
    Fetloc - Hush
    Genre: Remix

    [9] Source
    That Special Moment
    Genre:  Instrumental - Electronic

    [10] Source
    Too Many Copies Feat. Bloo and Rina-Chan (Moves Like Jagger Parody)

    [11] Source
    Daring Do and the Secret of the Sea-Ponies OST: You Have to Run!
    Genre:  Instrumental - Chiptune

    [12] Source
    Princess Twilight's Lament - original song
    Genre:  Instrumental

    [13] Source
    Sparkle(Original Mix) - Errar404
    Genre: Instrumental

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