• Music of the Day #75

    We have twelve songs this time around for music of the day.  I guess you all really are giving us a break!  That post unicon load was nuts!

    Find them all below.

    [1] Source
    sci - cutie mark cafe conversations
    Genre:  Splicing, Hip Hop

    [2] Source
    Luceds - A Ponyville Dawn
    Genre: Instrumental - Trance

    [3] Source
    Equestrian Space Vol 2 - Where it Begins
    Genre: Instrumental

    [4] Source
    Babs Seed (Bully Bounce Mix)
    Genre: Remix

    [5] Source
    Canapplejack - Family
    Genre: Instrumental - Metal

    [6] Source
    Picture Perfect Lie - SlyphStorm (original MLP song)
    Genre: Vocal

    [7] Source
    JayB vs. Rarity - Dress For Art (Retrotype Remix)
    Genre: Remix

    [8] Source
    Oblivia - I've got to find a way
    Genre: Remix

    [9] Source
    sci - the abject day of destiny amelioration
    Genre: Instrumental - Chillout

    [10] Source
    Hirosashii - Soar The Sky

    [11] Source
    ViFFeX - Hurricane Fluttershy

    [12] Source
    Among the Herd - Asking For Absurdity
    Genre: Vocal - Metalcore