• More information on Japanese Pony Dub

    It looks like they are really pushing the hell out of this new MLP dub over in Japan.  Events and news are popping up just about everywhere. 

    A list of cast members so far includes:

    Suzuko Mimori (Pinkie Pie)
    Sora Tokui (Applejack)
    Mikoi Sasaki ( Rarity)
    Izumi Kitta (Rainbow Dash)
    Miyuki Sawashiro (Twilight Sparkle)
    Emiri Kato (Fluttershy)
    Motoko Kumai (Spike)
    Kikuko Inoue (Celestia)

    And as mentioned in an earlier post, but something a lot of you are submitting, we will be seeing anew intro to the show specifically for Japan, similar to the Italian dub.  I think out of all of this, that is probably the thing I am most looking forward to.  If there is one thing Japan does damn well, it's intros. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent stuff in!