• MLP Comic Arc #1 Completion Discussion!

    And so ends the first arc of the My Little Pony comic series.  Without dropping any spoilers up here, I can say I really enjoyed this one. Everything from the crazy pop culture references and jokes to the "Evil doin' cheese grater" herself felt very much like an episode of pony, but marketed a bit more toward the adult fanbase.  Chrysalis didn't get a whole lot of airtime in the finale, so seeing her character fleshed out was a treat to say the least!

    So what did you all think?  Did this multi-part pony adventure live up to your expectations?

    I know I'm looking forward to the next arc coming up! It sounds like we are finally going to see a bit of pony history. 

    And if you haven't checked this series out yet, get on it already! They are only two bucks a pop over at Comixology now.  I swear these guys aren't endorsing EQD at all, it's just an awesome place to read this stuff if you like it mobile like I do. 

    We need more of these! Keep supporting it!