• Convention Compilation - March 5th

    Tons of convention news lately! Have a couple of headlines:
    • Tara Strong Leaving Big Apple Ponycon - Everything Under Control
    • Gnomecon Double Rainboom
    • Pon3con Guest List
    • BronyCon Wraps Up Winter with Free Badge Giveaways
    And the full press releases after the break!

    Tara Strong Leaving Big Apple Ponycon - Everything Under Control 

    We must unfortunately announce that Tara Strong will not be attending Big Apple Ponycon as planned. The events at Las Pegasus Unicon and her commitments to her family and work have made her choose to back out of the speaking circuit for the time being, and she is scaling back her involvement with many conventions.

    Tara does want to do everything she can from home to help make everyone's convention experience
    complete, so she has offered to give a Skype interview, and she will be providing signed headshots for those who have purchased autograph vouchers.

    We're still determining our policy on refunds for anyone who no longer wishes to attend, as well
    as revisiting our planned guests and their scheduling in light of this change. More updates will be
    available on our website in the next few days. In the meantime, feel free to send any questions to

    We wish Tara all the best, and we look forward to the ways she's still able to participate in our

    -The Big Apple Ponycon Team

    Bronies at Gnomecon

    Are you a brony? If you have to ask what a brony is, chances are you’re not.

    The adult fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, has been a wordlwide phenomenon, receiving media attention through outlets such as Wired, Fox News Channel and The Wall Street Journal. Erin Burnett of CNN reported on the 2012 Summer BronyCon. An informal statistical census suggests within 95 percent confidence that as of September 2012, there are between 7 and 12.4 million people in the United States that would identify themselves as bronies.

    The show has found a surprising adult fan base due to its references to works that older viewers would recognize. These include I Love Lucy, The Benny Hill Show, X-Men, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Diamond Dogs and The Big Lebowski.

    According to The Brony Study, currently undereway at Wofford College, the adult fandom is “a reaction to the U.S. having been engrossed in terrorism for past ten years” in a manner similar to the Cold War, and are “tired of being afraid, tired of angst and animosity;” the show and its fandom are outlets from those strifes.

    If you’re a brony, join the herd at GnomeCon for a family-friendly gathering as part of our animé programming. All are welcome, whether you’re a seasoned brony or a newbie. Come join the fun!

    Website Here!

    Pon3con Guest List

    BronyCon Wraps Up Winter with Free Badge Giveaways

    Winter is coming to an end, so BronyCon is wrapping it up with a couple badge giveaways for a few lucky attendees for its convention in Baltimore on Aug. 2-4.

    Luck of the Lyrish:

    Are you feeling lucky? Press your luck on St. Patrick’s Day for BronyCon’s Luck of the Lyrish giveaway.

    The way this works is if you have purchased a badge by March 17, then you will be entered into a raffle to have your badge compensated by the convention. The winner will receive reimbursement for one standard three-day admission to BronyCon. To be eligible, all you must do is register for BronyCon 2013 before the drawing starts.

    April Foal’s Day Art Contest:

    Show just how much you can out-prank Pinkie Pie with BronyCon’s April Foal’s Day Art Contest. Submitted artistic works must be related to April Fool’s Day and feature BronyCon’s original character mascots: Mane Event (unicorn), Blank Canvas (pegasus) and Hoof Beatz (earth pony). All art entries are due by 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on April 1. The winner will receive two free three-day badges for BronyCon 2013 and one runner up will receive one three-day badge.

    For contest rules and submissions: Please visit the contest page on BronyCon’s site. All rules and deadlines for both the Luck of the Lyrish and the April Foal’s Day Art Contest are available there.