• Saturday Livestreams

    Livestream Saturday is back once again everyone and it looks like the steam behind this event is not running out anytime soon! We have a bunch of old regulars returning today for your viewing pleasure, plus the addition of some new artists as well! You never know who's going to be dropping in each week!

    If you'd like to partake in this craziness, please send me an email at calpain@equestriadaily.com with your name, a link to your stream, a gallery link (optional), what sort of art you'll be doing, and a banner (also optional). Streams must adhere to our content policy (which you can find under the Submit tab) and keep in mind that the post goes up each week at 4pm EST/ 1pm PST. Please keep these in mind before submitting!

    Now, on to the streams! Oh, I'll be in Ace's stream on voice chat for awhile if you want to drop in!

    Artists Livestreaming Today:

     Acesential (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

     AssassinMonkey (Art Q&A/General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

     BrainedbySaucePans (Requests) - Livestream - Gallery

     Io Kusanagi (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery
    KittehKatBar (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

     Otterlore (Requests) - Livestream - Gallery

    RusticShine (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

    SaturnSpace (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery - Tumblr

    Savour-The-Moments (Requests) - Livestream - Gallery

     Shino DoGood (Requests) - Livestream - Gallery  

     Tacohat Comics (General Artwork/Requests) - Livestream - Galleries - 1 - 2 - 3

     Template93 (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

    Tympany/Tim_Kangaroo (General Artwork/Videos) - Livestream - Gallery

    Video Artists Livestreaming Today:

     GuitaristEmily (Typography Video) - Livestream - Gallery