• Nightly Roundup #593

    You wouldn't leave Lyra all alone on a bench in a strange new world would you?  Only a monster could do something like that.

    Have a bit of nightly roundup!

    Twilight Sparkle Digivolves

    Because why not?

    Street Art: Pinkie Portal

    From icy forests to sunny beaches, that's how pinkie rolls I guess!

    Source here.


    Hoofin It Episode 4


    Cloudsdale Cafe Episode 22

    This week we interviewed the mod of Ask Palette Swap, otherwise know as Jessy!

    Subscribe to our channel for more at: http://www.youtube.com/user/CloudsdaleCafe?feature=watch
    Pony Radio Show

    My name is ManeBit and I'm radio talk show host for KSPB, Pebble Beach 91.9FM.

    I would just like inform the herd that KSPB will be doing a one hour special on nothing else but Bronies.
    The one hour special will take place during my show called "Sunday Lunch Feed" on March 17th at 12:00PM PST.

    More info on the show can be found on my personal website at http://manebit.com/2013/02/26/radio-show-on-bronies/

    KPNY Radio 2+3

    Episode 2

    "KPNY Radio is finally ready to broadcast their brand new show, The Inventory. However tensions are high in the booth for Air Waves. The shadows of his previous failures hang over him and everyone is counting on him to make a successful show. And to make matter worse he has to be stuck in a booth talking with perhaps the most irritating pony he has ever met."


    Episode 3

    "With Fairytail, the lead presenter temporarily insdisposed. It is up to KPNY's lead researcher Professor Hard Cover to fill in for him. Hopefully our host Air Waves can get along better with his new co-host and keep his own issues in check. Even if it takes unconventional methods for the show to go on. "


    Last Exit to Ponyville Episode #8

    Mike the Birdmann Dodd blew on the conch shell of "awesome podcasters" and assembled his team to tackle the mother of all Last Exit to Ponyville's.  Enter Laura "Couldn't think of a nickname" Thomas and Trevor "that Other guy" bringing their thoughts, musings and criticisms of the total body of work that is Season 3.
    Can you guess what our favorite shows are? Which ones we hated?  No Giftshoppe, no calls in and no Cereal Velocity for this episode, we go straight to the juicy bits, and spit out a few bab seeds along the way.

    What are you waiting for? Press play and let the sweet sound of our voices entering your yearning earholes.

    Did this just get weird?

    I think I just made it weird.

    Whatever! Lets start the show!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Momocon 2013 MLP Meetup and Photo Shoot

    Come on down to Momocon '13 and chill with some of your fellow bronies, including those from Canterlanta and the Georgia Bronies Facebook Groups.

    We will also be doing a photo shoot of any Pony Cosplayers at this meetup, so come on by for that! I will take any suggestions in this event for activities besides the photo shoot to do with the group while we are there.

    If anyone would like a guide to the Meetup, come see the "My Little Pony: 101" Panel directly before this. I will guide people from my panel room to the meetup location.

    The Meetup location will be on the 1st Floor of the Hilton Atlanta, behind the elevator in between the Two escalators going down to the Dealer's Room Area at appoximately 1PM, on Saturday March 9th at Momocon..

    MLP 101 Panel Page

    See ya'll there!

    Josh M a.k.a MistaBrony/DJ MAB-3

    Smash Forum Meetup

    "Hey there, Smash Bros. lovers! My name is RamboZelda, and I've recently opened a new forum called My Little Smash Bros.! This is a place where we can talk about all things Smash and ponies. The main attraction here will be a monthly Brawl tournament to see who is the top brawler amongst us bronies! I'm also looking for some mods, so if you have an interest in that go ahead and pm me on the site.

    Here is the link to the forum: http://mylittlesmashbros.forumotion.com/

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony keychains
    Cutie Mark Panty
    Wet Mane Twilight