• Discussion: Hearts and Hooves Day!

    It's Valentines/Hearts and Hooves day, and here you are on EQD.  You could just be taking a break from the usual festivities, but if that is not the case, Celestia has the answer for you!

    It seems that Ponyville is also suffering from a case of ponies not gathering up the courage to ask other ponies out on dates, and she figured a bit of fresh blood would get the ol' cupid arrows firing.

    You have been transformed into a pony, teleported to Equestria for a day, and tossed on one of those cheesy dating game shows.  Pretty much every single pony in both Ponyville and Canterlot have signed up for it, so the choices here are pretty vast!

    Pick a pony, and Celestia will send you and your bachelor/bachelorette to any location you wish within the boundaries of Equestria for the day! Want to soak up some rays in the warm waters of Horseshoe Bay? Or maybe a wild west Badlands adventure is more your style?

    Drop it in the comments!