• Album Compilation - February 5th

    We have six new albums from various artists across the fandom in this one.  You know the drill! Head on down below the break for all of them!

    If you would like to submit an album to a future compilation, please include the following:
    • Title
    • Artist
    • Genre
    • Description
    Now go!

    Artist: Le Soldat Pony

    Description: Just an alternative charity album with some chill tracks, some up-beat ones, and some in between. Massive thanks to And the Rainfall, Eccentrifuge, and Mr. Nohbdy XIII for helping me through the editing stages of this. You guys mean more to me than you know.

    Cloudsdale Congress "Party in the Clouds" Album
    Artist: Mixed
    Genre: Mixed

    Description: There has recently been an album in the works by the community of musicians who composed to promote Cloudsdale Congress. The proceeds of the album will go to the musicians in hopes to bring them over to said convention. This has been in the planning for many weeks and now that the album is finally finished, it would help us musicians and the convention if the album could get a plug on EqD. I cannot stress enough how much it is going to mean to us if (whether this will be in an album compilation or in the next convention compilation) this album could reach as many ears as it can. We're depending on you to promote this for us and for the convention.

    Cosmic Unicorns
    Artist: Dijital
    Genre: Ambient Piano

    Description: Ambient piano EP release, dedicated to a few of our regal favorites, and a fantastic artist.

    Four on the Floor
    Artist: Various
    Genre: House

    Description: Four on the Floor is a compilation album of house music by several members of the forum My Little Remix. The album features a one hour mix in addition to individual tracks. Mediafire download here:

    Full Youtube Mix

    Flying Free
    Artist: Tuner Symphon
    Genre: Trance / Electro

    Description: Mixing everything pony from the past six months, you can see all the different styles and skills acquired in the time. From the vocal works of Flying Free to the chaos of Go Out With A Rainboom, you can definitely get a hint at everything in this pony album.

    The Epitome of Flight
    Artist: ElectroKaplosion
    Genre: Electronic/Vocal

    Description: "The Epitome of Flight" is a compilation of 7 remastered and 5 unaltered original pony songs that I've made over the past nine months along with 3 completely new album-only tracks.

    Super Ponybeat - Ultimate Cross-
    Artist: Delta Brony
    Genre: Eurobeat

    Description: Super Ponybeat has became the popular album thanks to Eurobeat Brony. Now, a new generation of eurobeat has been unleashed. Prepare for the ultimate crossover as the Mane 6 meets Video Game characters from Nintendo, Sega, and Touhou. Are you ready for Nostalgia?!!