• Story: Woven Word Weekly (Update Part 2!)


    Author: WovenWord
    Description: They say heroes are to be admired from afar. That they're the stuff of legends and folk tales, of epic stories and hushed whispers. But, deep down, we all know heroes are ponies—just like us—who rose to the occasion. Ponies who live amongst us and may even pass us in the street without being recognized.

    Princess Celestia has asked us to help lift part of this veil, this feeling of distance from those who we honor and respect. It is to that end that we introduce our newest supplement: Woven Word Weekly, helmed by the titular author, to bring you—the people of Equestria—a closer look into the lives of the greatest heroes of our time: The bearers of Harmony.

    We hope it'll be to the liking of Her Majesty and our dear readers.

    Always at your service,
    Final Cut
    Editor-in-Chief for Canterlot's Equestria Daily
    Woven Word Weekly (New Part 2!)

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