• Story: And a Princess in a Pear Tree

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: TheBandBrony
    Description: It’s Hearth’s Warming Eve! The stockings are stuffed, the cookies are out, and the presents are wrapped. Everypony all across Equestria is preparing for a whole day of gifts, giving, and family togetherness. There’s just one slight problem.

    Princess Luna hates Hearth’s Warming.

    Only adding to her misery is the fact that she, not her sister, will be playing the part of Lunushka, flying around Equestria and delivering gifts to all the good little fillies and colts. With bumbling Shadowbolts, crazed children, and a mysterious scrooge who wishes to put an end to the annual holiday hindering her every move, will she be able to deliver all of her gifts before she brings Hearth’s Warming to a screeching halt?

    Her first stop is Ponyville. Let the yuletide shenanigans begin.

    And a Princess in a Pear Tree

    Additional Tags: Luna is Santa, oh my.