• Nightly Roundup #568

    One of the first pony songs I ever listened to when I joined the fandom was shuffled into my playlist tonight and considering someone last night suggested Chief Thunderhooves I thought it was a good time to take a trip back to season 1.

    We've come an amazing long way since those early days my friends. We've seen ourselves rise from darker times when we were unsure if our little show would make it to a second season and whether or not the community would survive during the first great pony drought. While there have been tumultuous periods in our history the community has pushed on optimistically, if cautiously, forward! With us on the cusp of the end of another season of pony I am confident in the future ahead and the community I have grown to love.

    Time for some news everyone! Check it all out after the break.

    MLP Available By Viaplay

    Pony is now available to our Nordic friends in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden through the Viaplay service! Full information and links can be found below.

    A TV-package license is required to watch the show on the site, as well as the correct local IP-address.
    Each month costs: 49 SEK, 49 NOK, 69 DKK, 3.95€, first month for free.

    ·It's dubbed only, and not available in English. The correct IP-address is required to watch your language.
    ·Images are taken straight from the Boomerang-channel, which is only 4:3, non-HD.
    ·For Finland; there isn't a Finnish dub available, it's in Swedish.
    ·Signing up for a membership is for free the first month, if you planned to watch other than just dubbed ponies.

    Links to the show, for each language:

    Tron: Uprising Canceled Due to Fear of Brony Effect?

    An interesting article has appeared about the recent cancellation of the show Tron:Uprising. While not newsworthy in of itself as shows are often met with cancellation what makes this interesting is an idea proposed by the article writer: Is there fear out there of cartoon shows for kids getting an adult audience because of the Brony phenomenon?

    I'm not quite so sure about that and I think the writer is jumping to conclusions considering they are only using this one show as an example. What do you guys think?

    Article Link

    Netherlands News Program Talks About Ponies

    It's time again to hear about ponies in the news! This time coming from across the pond on the popular news program 'Editie NL'. I'm not exactly sure what it says as everything is in Dutch, but it's cool nonetheless!

    Article and Video Link

    Sleepless in Ponyville Corrected on iTunes

    Just a short note that iTunes has made Sleepless in Ponyville available again on their service, replacing old versions with a corrected one.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Everfree Tales RP Board

    Copy Paste:

    Everfree Tales

    The new home for the nearly year old forum roleplay "Dragons in Equestria", a year old come Febuary 15th, that has recently started it's fourth chapter. Recent issues with the original free host and a desire to have more direct control over the forums hosting have seen us move to the current site. While primarily the home of "DiE" we're also looking at hosting and running other roleplays based on members interests, this includes pony and non-pony types. Complete with the forums themselves we do have integrated chat and are hoping to find a few like minded individuals to join us.

    Dragons in Equestria

    Set three years after season 2 an ancient evil has returned to the world with the goal of eradicating all of ponykind from the world and Equestria with it. Now free and with her lieutenants at her side the powerful elder dragon Darkfang leads nearly all of dragonkind in a war against the ponies, along with the gryphon, buffalo and zebra races under her banner the Draconic Alliance has began it's march to war. Emboldened by the fact that the bearers of the Elements of Harmony have seemingly lost the ability to manifest the elements the Alliance began their assault in earnest.

    Yet with the elements gone Princess Celestia has rallied a new force to both defend Equestria and find those new ponies she believes will soon manifest the powers of the Elements of Harmony. Appointing her one time student Twilight Sparkle as the Field Marshal of the Peacekeepers Equestria is in a race to find the new bearers of the elements while fighting off the overwhelming forces of the Draconic Alliance.


    Join the Draconic Alliance, Peacekeeper's or one of the neutral groups watching in the wings to see how the conflict develops. Play anything from a pony, zebra, buffalo, gryphon, hatchling, teen dragon or other races to aid your chosen side. Most importantly embody the Elements of harmony well enough and your character could become the next to wield their power to defend Equestria or embolden the Draconic Alliance. Story driven by players actions or non actions with chapters either focusing on characters or the overall war effort, chapter 4 is a war effort chapter.

    Note there maybe differences between the shows canon and what we consider canon within the RP due to previous developments in game.
    Dust and EVE Online Pony Corporation

    Copy Paste:

    The corporation is called The United Equestrian Alliance. its a new corporation for bronies on both EVE and Dust 514.

    The idea behind the corporation follows the 6 elements. Be honest, Be kind, Be loyal, Be generous, let the magic of friendship out and most importantly of all HAVE FUN!

    OC Coronation Day Event

    Copy Paste:

    Of course by now we all know that a coronation is up and coming, and I want to give all those out there with OC's and 'Sonas the chance to celebrate, same as any other pony. We all know the show's characters will have front row seats to the event, so I wanted to use my artistic talents to put together a little shindig for the mass of Original Characters out there in one big ol' image that I plan to work on from here til the episode drops.

    OC Ask Blog Looking for Artist

    Copy Paste:

    Looking for an artist to partner up with me for a pony OC ask blog. I am not picky in regards to style or experience, I’d be happy with an experienced artist or someone starting out looking to cut their teeth on something new. Will be occasionally collaborating with another blog that is connected to my OC as well. If interested, please add me on Skype @ c.mccarthy254. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Thank you for checking this out, and I look forward to hearing from someone!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Pie Plushie
    Apple Bloom Plushie
    Pony Scarves
    Derpy Plushie
    Sleeping Fluttershy Plushie
    Rainbow Dash Arcade Stick Ball Top
    Fluttershy Flash Drives