• Music of the Day #47

    The music just keeps on bombarding.  We have 22 this time around! Can you handle it? Luna can.  Luna can handle anything.  

    Check them out below! 

    [1] Source
    "Everything We Are" - Tenseconds10

    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [2] Source
    Neon Jalapeño - Cynicism (Ducks Unlimited Remix)

    Genre:Remix - Electronic

    [3] Source
    We're Still Alive (An original song by CyPony)
    Genre:  None Given

    [4] Source
    Dreams (By TheDashDub)

    Genre:  Instrumental - Lullasynth

    [5] Source
    My Little Pony - What Land is This - A Princess Carol

    Genre: Vocal Parody

    [6] Source
    3ight8it - Ponynomial

    Genre: Instrumental - DnB

    [7] Source
    And The Rainfall - Over The Reals

    Genre: Vocal

    [8] Source
    Fluttershy (Risen Remix)

    Genre: Instrumental - DnB

    [9] Source
    Woody - Grey Octave (Nicolas Dominique Remix)

    Genre: Instrumental - Electronic Remix

    [10] Source
    Freewave Adores SGAP - Standard Model (Could Be Magic Mix) PMV

    Genre: Instrumental - SoGreatandPowerful Genre

    [11] Source
    E30 (Love and Admiration) - Soldat covers SoGreatandPowerful

    Genre: Vocal - Acoustic

    [12] Source
    Silva Hound ft. Rina Chan - Hooves Up High (General Mumble and Daemien remix)

    Genre:  Remix

    [13] Source
    Metapony - Wondershy

    Genre: Instrumental - House

    [14] Source
    3SPIRIT - Octavia Was Here

    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [15] Source
    [COLLAB] Matthew Mosier Ft. Danielpony - Trixie's Song (Instrumental)

    Genre: Instrumental

    [16] Source
    crazyoatmeal3 - I Remember Fluttershy

    Genre:  Vocal - Acoustic Jazz

    [17] Source
    MLP FIM - Windskyed / AKHTS - Twily (Without the spoke begining + a little translation)

    Genre: Vocal

    [18] Source
    Zykrath - Blessing From The Stars

    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [19] Source
    Neon Jalapeño - Cynicism (Cherax Destructor's Hostility Mix)

    Genre: Instrumental - Remix

    [20] Source
    Sparkle_Cast1 - Magic Duel

    Genre:  Instrumental

    [21] Source
    Doofcake - Timberwolves

    Genre: Instrumental - DnB

    [22] Source
    Spectrum (Rainbow Dash's Theme) - (New) Guitar Cover by CrimzonAE

    Genre:  Instrumental

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