• Marathons and Streams Today!

    It's that time of the week once again! We have a new episode tomorrow, and there are marathons leading up to it.  Head on down below the break to check it all out!


    Hello hello, everyone! BronyState is happy to present tonight's movie night as well as tomorrow's brand new episode, Just For Sidekicks, which will be streamed tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST. The weekend starts tonight at 7 PM EST with Brony Movie Night and continues well into the weekend with the very special Kallisti charity event that has been helped along by BronyState and Celestia Radio to get it off the ground. Euro Brony Movie Night begins 2 PM EST Saturday, too. We hope to see everybody there!


    MLP forums

    This week's movie night will begin with Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew at 4 PM EST followed by Doctor Who: The End of Time (Parts One and Two) at 5:40 PM. Stick around after the movies for a marathon of random episodes beginning at 8 PM and lasting until the new episode airs at 10:30 AM. Hope to see you there!


    Brony Network

    Hey Guys, We got an awesome movie marathon for you guys today on BronyNetwork4

    Showtimes (Timezones will play in Eastern / Central U.S. Time)
    A Bugs Life: 12pm Noon Est / 11am Central
    Monsters Inc: 1:30pm / 12:30pm
    Finding Nemo: 3pm / 2pm
    The Incredibles: 4:30pm / 3:30pm
    Ratatoville: 6:30pm / 5:30pm
    Wall-E: 8:30 / 7:30pm
    UP: 10pm / 9pm
    Brave: 11:30pm / 10:30pm
    Cars: 1am / 12am Midnight
    Cars 2: 3am / 2am
    Toy Story: 4:30am / 3:30am
    Toy Story 2: 6am / 5am
    Toy Story 3: 7:30am / 6:30am.

    After the movie, 9am Est, it's a special season 3 pre-show, you'll be surprise about this special pre-show, then @ 10:30am Est, is the new episode of MLP:FiM, after the new episode is the 48 hour Mare-A-Thon, a full 2 day day nonstop mlp:fim marathon beginning with season 1. We hope you'll enjoy your stay and hope to see you there ^w^

    (also join us on our steam group for updates of movies, stream line-ups, and other awesome stuff http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thebronynetwork )