• Nightly Roundup #504

    Happy Turkey Day folks! Cal here after an exhausting eight hour drive, avoiding traffic jams and car accidents along the way. Geez, what does a pony have to do to get some turkey every now and again? Hope you guys have a great day and find yourselves full and content!

    If anything, I can give you your helping of news for tonight! Open wide and chow down!

    Swedish Brony Burger!

    Makes sense that we'd start off the Thanksgiving edition of the Roundup with something food related, right? A contest over in Sweden to name a new sandwich at McDonalds has resulted in the release of the McHarmony, a chicken sandwich. Apparently according to a snippet of translation sent in by our submitter, the man in the commercial says the burger is 20% cooler than all other burgers.

    Oh pony, where won't you crop up?

    Animaniacs to Join the HUB!

    In a bit of HUB related news, the ever awesome Animaniacs is making it's debut on the network! I used to love watching that show as a kid and I'm happy to see them get another outlet so that they can be shared with newer generations. They will start airing on the HUB Dec. 24th with a marathon running from 4-8pm EST.

    Animaniacs Article

    A Slice of Cake?

    Hasbro Steps Up!

    Recently in Canada, about $2 million in toys were stolen from the Salvation Army, wrecking a lot of Christmas mornings for needy children out there. Thankfully, Hasbro stepped up to the plate and has managed to donate at least $250,000 in toys to help replace those that were lost. Good on you Hasbro!



    Canterlot Voice - Episode 17

    Copy Paste:

    Today, I had the honor of having both QuickLime and ping111 joining me in this week's episode to discuss quite a lot!

    Join us as we talk about Pinkie Pie being more than a clown, the essence of roleplay, and ask threads being a fad I had no idea existed...

    Cloudsdale Cafe - Episode 10 (Interview with Ask Heartlift and Sparks mod)

    Episode Link
    Band of Bronies - Episode 4

    New episode! Fun Fun Fun!

    New episode of the Band of Bronies podcast. EPR and FOB, along with a special guest, Rommel, from Seeds of Kindess.


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