• Album Compilation - November 7th

    These brony musicians just keep expanding!  We are going to pop up in the mainstream with our own genre at this rate!

    Below the break, you will find a whole bunch of albums from various members of the community.  Be sure to toss them some support!  Save some calories next time you are out and put the saved fast food money toward one of these instead!

    Second Chances Vol. 1
    Genre: Mixed
    Composers: Mixed

    This is a compilation of overlooked music from many great brony musicians within the community. Many people submitted their tracks from July to mid-August and these were the favorites as voted by the listeners. A great track is great whether it's viewed by a hundred people or a thousand and hopefully this will nudge some tracks to fitting the latter. Thanks to all who took part in this (whether you made it onto the compilation or not) and we aim to repeat this event on a monthly basis so stay tuned for the start of a second round.

    The Friendship Album
    Genre: Mixed
    Composers: Mixed

    This album is a collaborative effort of some of the brony community's various musicians to help out a brony in need. Aurora is Greek brony, and an active member of our community, and recently he and his family have been undergoing some financial difficulties. The Friendship Fund was started to give him a little bit of help, and to show him and his family the love and friendship of this community.

    My Little Creeper
    Genre: Grimdark
    Compser: Vinxis

    No Description Listed

    Genre: Trance
    Composer: Agiledash

    This album was made as a way to help wolf of sadness get a new computer and help ibeabronyrapper get to Las Pegasus Unicon please help out if you can~

    Preview Video

    Songs About the Pink One
    Genre:  Dance Fusion, Dubstep, Electronic, DnB
    Composer: General Mumble

    "14 tracks spanning 53 whole munites of pony-infused dance, dubstep and drum & bass"

    Keep Calm and Canter On
    Composer: Replacer

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