• Nightly Roundup #483

    Luna needs to wear more hats.  Have some rounduppy stuff!

    Late Pumpkins! 


    I for one want cake.


    Cantercast 15

    With three days before Nightmare Night, and a hurricane not named Fluttershy, the cast of Cantercast get together to talk about their favorite pony, what celebrity they’d like to see have voice overs in MLP:FiM. They also discuss rumors of the episode names and what they'll be about. Along the way, the cast also discusses art, music, fiction, comics, games and other news! Come watch at Cantercast Livestream Episode 15 and join the discussion at canterlot.net

    Luna Radio

    Hello! I am DJ Octaviapus of Luna Radio, and i would just like to formally invite you all to Luna Radio on October 30th at 7:00 PM PST or 10 PM EST, where i will be hosting a Night Mare Night DJ set and again On the 31st at 7 PM PST will be another Night Mare Night set, along with some LIVE GRIM-DARK fan fiction readings. We hope to see you all there, and as always have a wonderful day, and pony on!



    Successful Meetups

    South Australian Meetup

    On Sunday 28 October the South Australia Bronies had another meetup in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens on a spectacular spring day. It was a great social meetup and much fun was had. We had lunch afterwards at the Myer centre and raided the usual shops.

    'Miss Pixie', a boutique shop in the Adelaide Arcade, was nice enough to open the store especially for us on a Sunday. I think we made it worth their while too!

    The next meetup will be in two weeks for the Season 3 premier!


    Florida Meetup

    The Central Florida Bronies Orlando division had a quick little backyard "BBQ" meetup which at its peak may have had about 20 members. With Hurricane Sandy brushing along the Eastern Starboard and other unexpected events, there wasn't much BBQ and more so a very windy day followed by some rain, but with 4 hours of outdoor time it still went well.

    Outdoor eating began at 3:31 with a selection of potato chips, soda, pizza, and other food. We _had_ cheese balls before they all fell to the ground. 20 minutes later it was time for some good Frisbee tossing which itself lasted until 4:14 PM. Soccer immediately followed. For 3 minutes.

    The next hour was spent playing around with the expected assortment of airsoft guns, taking pictures of them, and also with a chainsaw too which pretty much took over. Photos were all done by 6:14 PM, which was convinient because it began raining at that point.

    With the members left over now inside, the CFBs made a quick group comedy skit video with some of the airsoft guns. That took about 20 minutes to make.


    Finland Meetup

    The biggest brony meetup in Finland so far was held at the Happi Youth Center in Helsinki on October 20, 2012. The program was plentiful. An auction was held where people sold plushies, their own paintings and custom Blind Bag ponies. You could also get jiggy with it at the dance game corner or simply relax while watching episodes. Artists put up shop to exhibit their talents and sell wares to the craving public. The menu of the evening included muffins of different kinds served with soft drinks.

    143 people wrote their names in the guestbook, but the final estimate of attendees is somewhere at around 160!

    Melbourne Meetup

    The Melbourne, Australia bronies aka Melbronies met up in Alexandria gardens on Saturday to celebrate our all glorious overlord, Luna.
    We had Apple bobbing, Lemon bobbing, level 2 buckets, a sexy Big Macintosh, games, a cosplay competition and of course candy to offer to the Princess of night.

    Group facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/melbronies/


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    broNIes of Northern Ireland quiz meet: FINAL CALL

    The 4th meet up of Northern Ireland bronies will take place on Saturday 3rd November at 13.00. We will be intially meeting up at the front gates of the Lanyon building of Queen's University (which looks like the following http://derpy.me/EOdfp ). From here we will move to the bandstand in Botanic Gardens, were we will be having a My Little Pony quiz. There will be prizes for the winner so make sure you rewatch the episodes :) Afterwards we will be heading down to Belfast city centre, where we will by some pony merchandise and other stuff. At the end of the day it is planned that the older bronies will go out for a drink together and generally get to know each other better.
    Hopefully will see you all there and lets see whether we can improve on the 25 bronies who attended the previous meet.


    Brazil Meetup

    This year we, brazilian bronies, also known as BRonies, are organizing a national meeting here.

    Blue Stella is the meeting mascot, she shall guide with all her cuteness all the brazilian bronies from the internet to the meeting.

    The meeting will happen on the city of Santos - SP

    Date: January 18, 19 and 20, 2013.
    For more information we suggest people to enter on Sonic Rainboom (http://sonicrainboom.com.br/) and talk with the user Caffeine or send me an e-mail on [email protected]

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