• Nightly Roundup #478

    Aw, aren't they just perfect little angels? Surely we can trust the CMC with the header for tonight, right guys?

    Time for the news! Check it after the break.

    Top Failures in Foreign MLP

    While I think some of the foreign versions of MLP song sound pretty good, the series overseas has had its fair share of hiccups and failures when being translated, casting VAs, ect. Check out the little compilation below for some of the greater failures seen in foreign MLP.

    Canterlot Gardens Documentary Project

    I had a lot of fun at CG almost a month ago and it looks like I wasn't the only one as a fellow Brony is putting together a documentary about CG! Check out the intro below.

    Former Marine Participating in Pony Themed Motorsports

    A military Brony is currently participating in motorsports while putting together a car with some personality. And what better personality to give it than that of our favorite mail mare? Check out the details below.

    Hi, my name is Dave Adams, I’m 28, a former US Marine, motorsports enthusiast and above all, a Brony. My primary focus in motorsports is currently drifting and I have been doing so for the last 4 years. My current vehicle of choice is a 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSi that is undergoing a build to emulate Derpy Hooves as her main livery. Why, Derpy? Well I feel, the car is very fitting (other than the color) in that it tends to be a bit of a social outcast among the car community but it’s loving, adorable and incredibly charming.   A link to her Facebook page can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/derpydrift. There, you’ll find more information on the build, be able to follow her progress in motorsports and be able to actively participate in giveaways. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!  I want to do my very best to represent the Brony community in the best way possible. Love and Tolerance will be the new theme of drifting! Thank you!

    Pony Cake!

    Speaking of birthdays, happy Birthday Maximillian! Hope you are having a good 18th and best wishes!

    MLP Art - Swedish Exhibition

    A lovely Swedish Brony is currently looking for people to help with an art exhibition she is hoping to get started. The goal of the project is to show off the quality of the show and hopefully get more people to fall in love with our favorite multicolored equines! She is asking for material of all types (letters artwork, music, comics, ect) so anyone can participate. At the end she will pick 5-10 to be part of the art exhibit and show it off at her art school. If you're interested, you can find full details for her project at the post linked below.

    Project Post


    The Brony Initiative

    Copy Paste:

    Episode: http://youtu.be/GBh9G_k_uIc

    Welcome back to the newest episode of The Brony Initiative podcast!
    This week, we had a bit of a long week, so me and Mahamojo decided to simply do a two-man show, talking about some very exciting MLP:FiM Season 3 news, talking about a very interesting update on Shout Factory's MLP:FiM Season 1 DVD set, bringing in several MMOs for discussion, and finally a bunch of other pony news!
    We hope y'all enjoy the episode!
    -Midnight Surf

    Show notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tmkleAPcSTNKKlf1wyaUcNZE6fvqoGG0YI0Anq_7VXk/edit?pli=1


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    PonySwag Facebook Group

    Copy Paste:

    Pony Swag: Buy, Sell, and Trade

    This is a place to Buy, Sell, or Trade your extra My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic swag.
    There is an album for Seller Proof Items, and these items must be included inevery picture of your items if you have something for sale. This is normally just a slip of paper with your username and the date so we knowyou actually have this in your possession.


    Please be fair on your pricing. We know things are expensive, but it only gets worse when we're raising the prices on them, too. (ie. if you paid five for something, and are jacking it up to twenty without shipping, this is bad business)

    Lastly, be smart about your transactions, if something seems fishy don't go through with it. We can't get you your item or bits back so you need to be as safe as you can be and always cover your flank.

    In the words of somepony I met at EverfreeNW: "You're a Brony, Act Like One."

    If you don't, you get the boot. One warning will be issued, per offense, and repeat offenders will be banned.

    Also, don't block the mods. If they can't see or message you, you will be removed.

    Thank you everypony, have fun!

    London MCM Expo

    Copy Paste:

    Event: London MCM (Comic Con) Expo - Pony Gathering/Invasion

    Where: London ExCeL Centre - East Entrance (near Prince Regent DLR Station)

    When: Saturday, 27th October 2012 at 12-1PM

    Tagline: "We managed 133 back in May! Come on, we can do better this time!"
    What: This is a free-for-all meet-up. Our last one in May managed to hit 133! MCM already attracts a huge audience (Furries, Anime, Naruto, etc.) from people as far as Western Europe (not just the UK), so with a combination of planning, word-of-mouth, and being seen on the day, there are bound to be a lot of Ponies! As this is a Comic Con, there will be a lot of Cosplay! Finding us will be easy - look for the Cosplay!

    Do not be afraid to traverse the London Underground and DLR dressed as The Flim Flam Brothers, because you can be assured someone else will be doing the same as something much more outrageous! Do check for engineering works before you travel, though.

    Discussion Thread: http://ukofequestria.co.uk/threads/mcm-october-meet-up.2031/


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom Pony Shop (Contains some season 3 material)
    Rarity Plush 
    Lyra and Bonbon Perler Beads

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