• Convention Compilation - October 28th

    I'm kind of late on this one! I blame... something.  We have a whole bunch of convention news for you all this time around, have a list of headlines:
    • Trotcon 2013 Announced!
    • Galacon Press Note #3
    • Sweet Apple Acres Con Update
    • Lucca Comics 2012 - Hasbro teams up with Italian Bronies
    • Brony UK Seeks Staff
    Full articles below the break!

    Trotcon 2013 Announced!

    Greetings, pony fans and convention-goers!

    First and foremost, we would like to again thank everyone who came to TrotCon 2012 – all seven hundred of you. Sure, we said this already, but it's worth repeating. It's because we had such a blast and it turned out so well that we're getting ready to do it again, bigger and better!

    TrotCon 2013 will be held on June 14-16 at the Sheraton at Capitol Square, right in the middle of downtown Columbus, Ohio. The entire venue is ours, giving us three times the capacity we had in 2012. We will have a stunning lineup of some of the biggest names in the fandom, including John Joseco, Pixelkitties, Rawkz0rz, and Deimos Foxx of Celestia Radio, plus many more to come. There will be more than enough content to keep you busy day and night, with nonstop activity for the entire weekend!

    Badges will be a mere $30 through April 19. The longer you wait, the more you'll spend, so pre-register now! Of course, if you WANT to spend more money, we won't stop you – by request, we are also offering Sponsor Badges for $100. Aside from helping fund the convention, a sponsor badge will come with a handful of nifty perks which we're not yet ready to disclose, but we will say that if you're thinking about getting one and don't, you'll be kicking yourself later! In case you're planning on sleeping, the Sheraton has offered us an unbeatable room rate of $99 per night for TrotCon attendees. We aren't in their reservation system yet, but once we are, we'll definitely let you know.

    Want to be involved? We will be opening submissions for artists, musicians, and panelists within a week. Artist's applications  will be open until April 19, with the final selections being made on April 26. The deadline for musicians is May 3, and the lineup will be posted May 10. Panelists have until May 17 to submit their ideas, and the event schedule will be posted by May 31.

    If you'd like to lend a helping hoof to making TrotCon 2013 a smashing success, staff applications for many positions will also be opening shortly. Working for at least eight hours at the convention will earn you a refund on your badge. For those who applied to our staff artist position, we've narrowed the list down to a few finalists and will be announcing our selection soon.

    We have plenty of surprises in store, so keep one eye on our website and the other on your favorite social networks. See you next summer!

    Galacon Press Note #3

    My dear loyal subjects,

    as our beloved ponies are about to begin their third season, we are happy to make a big announcement for next year's GalaCon! As you know, the convention will take place on the 3rd and 4th of August, 2013.

    During the last couple of weeks, as our plans for GalaCon 2013 evolved, it became clear to us that to be able to provide you all with a truely phantastic experience, we would need to make a huge leap to a bigger and more suited location. To make this all happen, our team has decided to move GalaCon a few kilometers out of Stuttgart to a true marvel, the Ludwigsburg Forum.

    The Forum will give us the space and scope to make next year's convention every brony's dream! It's way easier to reach by car or train connections than our previous venue and it's as beautful as we could hope.

    {Image: ForumplusCanni.jpg, centered}
    (Source: “City of Ludwigsburg, Germany”)

    And to make sure you can travel to us at a reasonable price, we will negotiate something with the public transport providers. Our new website, at www.galacon.eu, will be starting soon and will provide you with a lot more detailed information. Stay tuned!

    Best wishes,

    GalaCon team

    Sweet Apple Acres Con Update

    Tonight, the organizers of the new Sweet Apple Acres Con in Nashville, TN have gives us a Time and a Place for their Con: July 12th-14th at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, TN.  They have also announced Rainbow Dash Presents as one of the Guests.

    here is a link to the post on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SweetAppleAcresCon

    They have also started Pre Registering for Badges here: http://sweetappleacrescon.eventbrite.com/#

    Lucca Comics 2012 - Hasbro Teams up with Italian Bronies

    Hasbro Italy have invite us as part of the staff, for the first official Brony convention here in Italy: we will be part of organizzazion, and some initiatives are carried out by us!

    Our full program:

    * Pony Cosplay Parade and contest ( https://www.facebook.com/events/156986361109914/ )
    * Artist at stand for pony arts and drawings for kids (and not only them :D)
    * Recording the day with videos and interviews, which will be published at the end of the fair on Youtube.
    * And a wall full of pony arts in exibition!
    * And of course, our official flag in exposition! http://www.imgmlp.com/KfQ

    Will be a great day for all us!

    If some foreing Brony will be in Lucca in 1 to 4 of November, seek us at the Hasbro stand, in the Lucca Comics fair!

    Brony UK Seeks Staff

    Calling all British Bronies!

    The Brony UK Convention is recruiting staff! All the way from the committee to the gophers, from the techs to the floor team, whatever your vocation, we've got a position that fits you.

    We emphasize that we're looking for bronies in the United Kingdom as we'll be holding the con in the UK. If you're across the pond or elsewhere, we'd greatly appreciate if you could spread the word to any Brit Bronies that you know - the more applicants, the better!

    APPLY NOW! to [email protected]

    We are looking for people with experience and talent for many of the positions, please provide experience relevant to the position within your application. Put the Job Title in the Subject Line of the Email. You can apply for more than one position in your email.

    You will need time; home internet access (and Skype); a mobile (that works).

    You will also need to provide:
    Mobile No.
    Photo ID. (after a successful application and appointment to a position - although regular photos do help with giving us an idea who you are for your application)

    Being on committee/crew is a ton of fun. You get to find out what's going on early and really get into the thick of things on the day. This time we want a lot more staff so that all our staff can get breaks. This will mean that you will be able to enjoy some of the convention in your down-time.

    You won't have to pay for your entrance ticket, you get an awesome t-shirt and there are munchies in the Staff room. Come join in on the atmosphere!



    Floor Manager: Event scheduling, managing the physical running and logistics of events. Floor Manager duties include coordinating staff schedule, and being a mediator between different interests of the event (security/venue/tech etc.); liaise with floor teams, Venue Manager, Security Manager, Guest Manager, Media Officer, Quartermaster.

    Registration Manager: Managing ticket sales; liaise with registration teams, Guest Manager, Publicity Manager & Venue Manager.

    Venue Manager: Manage organisation of venue, organising insurance, catering and room setup, any other equipment as provided by the venue; liaise with Floor Manager, Security Manager, Guest Manager, Publicity Manager & Registration Manager.


    Web Officer: Manage the websites, twitter, flikr, facebook, youtube etc; liaise with Publicity Manager and Media Officer.


    Deputy Floor Manager: Event scheduling, managing the physical running and logistics of events. Floor Manager duties include coordinating staff schedule, and being a mediator between different interests of the event (security/venue/tech etc.); liaise with Venue Manager, Security Manager, Guest Manager, Media Officer, Quartermaster

    Deputy Registration Manager: Managing ticket sales; liaise with Guest Manager, Publicity Manager & Venue Manager

    Deputy Guest Manager: Manage the VIPs, Guests of Honour, Performers and Vendors; liaise with Guest Team, Vendor Team, VIP Team, Registration Manager, Floor Manager and Venue Manager

    2 Venue Liaison Officers: Manage organisation of venue, organising insurance, catering and room setup, any other equipment as provided by the venue; liaise with Floor Manager, Security Manager, Guest Manager, Publicity Manager & Registration Manager

    Deputy Crew Officer: In charge of organising the crew. Also deals with breaks for all staff; liaise with the Floor Manager with regards staff scheduling.

    Media Team

    3 Media Crew: To set up streams, projectors, cameras and other equipment, as well as overseeing the related events.

    Equipment Team

    Quartermaster: To look after all equipment owned by BUCK or hired. To receive and check items on delivery, ensure collection or postage for return, and to sign out any equipment during the event. Also to liaise with security and floor managers to ensure the safety and security of equipment.

    4 Equipment Crew: To set up audio equipment and assist performers with set up, and to oversee the related events.

    Van Driver (25+): One of the equipment team should be over 25 years old and be able to drive a Luton van. A suitable license is a must.

    Floor Team

    4 Supervisors: Supervise an area of the convention
    6 Deputy Supervisors: Supervise an area of the convention
    12 Stewards: To look after an area of the convention
    7 Gofers: Assigned to support events
    1 Executive Runner: Assigned to support the Chairman / Vice chairman

    Merchant Team

    2 Merch Officer Assistants: To assist the Merch Officer and Deputy Merch Officer

    Security Team

    3 Security Crew: Event security (SIA registered preferable)

    First Aid Team

    3 First Aiders: First Aid support


    2 Registration Crew: To organise the ticket sales, and any related issues.

    4 Concierge Crew: To assist with registrations at the door during the event and to man the information points. You should be able to learn and remember the schedule, and help disseminate info when things change.

    2 Vendor Registration Crew: To organise the Vendor registrations and any related issues.


    4 Guest Crew: To look after the Guests of Honour and Performers

    4 VIP Crew: To look after any VIP Guests

    Got all that? Phew, thats a lot of people - but if we're going to make BUCK as mind-blowing as possible, we'll want to hear from all you talented bronies! Remember:

    APPLY NOW! to [email protected]!

    If you have any questions about any of the roles, or require clarifications before you can send through your application, then give us a bell via [email protected]

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