• Traveling Pony Museum Post-Con Update

    The traveling pony museum team has a bit of an update for you all after their Bronycon -> EFNW -> Trotcon run.   Included in the update is a bit of an update on their CG absense, as well as future plans.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

    Greetings everypony! This update is long overdue so let's get it started:

    The trip to TrotCon was a lot of fun to make and it was great to see so many people come out for it (including one guy who had flown in from Alaska). The turnout for the museum was fantastic and it was great to hear the feedback as people passed through. We even acquired a brick signed by all of the attending artists to accompany our burnt piece of light fixture from BurnyCon January. "The meatballs were the size of my fist." - Dashyy

    After TrotCon we managed to purchase a car and so began our 3000+ mile drive from New York to Seattle, Washington for Everfree NW. We’d like to thank the staff of Everfree NW for fixing rooming issues last minute and helping us out so much during the convention. We also hope that the hotel wasn’t mad that their own staff stapled our banner to the wall of the museum room. Unfortunately, due to an error in scheduling, the trip to the Seattle Children’s Hospital ended up being impossible. (Though we are trying to figure out something we can do from home.) Also to the bronies who gave us the pizza box signed by the entire convention, we unfortunately were unable to keep it as it began to deteriorate. In the future, any strange donations must be non-perishable / clean and pre-approved by Inky or Hoity. After such an influx of offers for memorabilia to be displayed, Hoity encourages the creation of a separate entity outside of the museum to host memorabilia; a "hall of fame" so to speak.

    We also finally got the artist page updated (with the exception of one or two artists at this time) so everypony can head over to our website www.travelingponymuseum.com and be able to find the names and deviant art links of the museum artists.

    To all TPM artists : Sorry it’s taken so long to get word to you. Inky will be sending out emails soon so she can send you the percentage of poster sales you made. Also please let us know what other artwork we have permission to display so we can rotate old artwork out.

    The museum is also currently open for artist submissions! This means that any artist who has an interest in having their work displayed within the museum can send over submission requests via email to [email protected] (These submissions will be for the next round of traveling the museum is preparing for as we are currently on hiatus for classes.)

    The museum is also looking into offering an online store that will sell pins, buttons and possibly more. If any TPM artist is interested in selling merch through us please send us an email - [email protected]

    We’d also like to announce that due to certain issues, the Traveling Pony Museum will be unable to attend Canterlot Gardens. We’d like to extend an apology to all attendees who may have been looking forward to our appearance. Here is a breakdown :

    -Was originally told there was no space for the museum

    -Inky now has a job (because of the above) to support herself since the museum is run as not for profit

    -10 hour drive each way during midterm class week

    -Saves the museum money which will be allocated to paying off owed taxes from money earned

    -Gives us more time to plan fundraisers for further traveling since the remaining funds will go to owed taxes (above).

    We hope we will be able to announce some of our future plans soon but upgrading an entire museum during classes will take a bit of time and careful planning. Be on the lookout for more update posts coming soon! Send any questions, inquiries or ideas to [email protected] and don't forget to visit us at www.travelingponymuseum.com

    -Hoity and Inky