• Nightly Roundup #405

    Zzzzzz.... Roundup you say? Here you go.  Lots of stuff after the break.

    Pony Speech in Calgary Uprising Festival

    Ponies take over everything!

    Russian Love is in Bloom

    Ponies invade Ponies! Or something. Check it out here! Lyrics below from Anotnia:

    Love is in bloom.
    And these ponies are in the limelight.
    Hearts merged into one.
    Their happiness was destined by fate.

    Me and you.
    A beautiful fairytail, dreams will come true.
    You and I.
    We'll be together, forever together.

    In this moment
    Fun and happiness bring us together.
    Friend are always with you.
    Now you are together, forever together.

    Me and you.
    A beautiful fairytail, dreams will come true.
    You and I.
    We'll be together, forever together.


    Pony Icon Pack!

    More icons for youjr desktops to be decked out with! check it out here!

    Twilight Invades UMC3

    I'm cool with this.

    Deadpool Joins the Herd

    This account apparently has something to do with the upcoming Deadpool game! Pretty cool!

    Tara Strong Signs Oil Painting from Kiki's Father

    For those following the Kiki fundraiser, her father apparently busted out this applejack oil painting and had Tara sign it. Pretty awesome!

    Pony History Video

    I'm stickin with g4!


    Australian Bronycast

    We'll still be alive and running as he count down to the new Season of MLP FiM we'll look back at a few things and such run a episode of MLP FiM from either Season 1 or 2 depends on the votes and such we get via email. We love to hear from the community that has brought us a number of awesome and epic artwork and fan fiction to see and read including music too along with animated video's or something funny. We might be able to play a game or a round of World of Warcraft dungeon raiding and such depends if we have time and start a guild up on a server.


    Bronecast 17

    Warning: This weeks episode contains mature subject matter. The opinions stated are those who stated them, but not of the fandom as a whole. Listener discretion is advised.

    We're all caught up on our backlog of episodes, and last Sunday (August 5th) we had a doozey of a subject to talk about. It's the 34th rule of the internet and we talk about it's place in the MLP Fandom. We hope you enjoy and continue to support the podcast.

    Episode can be found on iTunes, and of course at our home right here: http://www.muscletower.com/podcasts/the-touchy-subject-of-rule-34-p16/


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Ontario Brony Forum


    Star Trek Marathon Ann Arbor Michigan

    Where: Ann Arbor Michigan
    When: 8/18/12
    What: Star Trek/Sci Fi/Gaming/ponies/having times


    Gamescom Meetup

    From August 16th till August 19th, the GamesCom in Collogne, Germany is taking place.
    Because many bronies are also gamers, we decided to have a nice, little brony meet-up.
    We will meet on Saturday, August 18th at 2p.m. and expect to have a lot of fun!
    You can find us on the meadow between hall 6 and hall 7.
    Dont worry if you're a little late, we will stay there quite a while.
    Youll probably find us very easily, because ... uhm, we're bronies and we look like bronies.
    We are glad about every brony (and pegasister) willing to join us \o/

    (For further information about the GamesCom, please visit the GamesCom-homepage).

    Nicuragua Meetup

    Bronies Nicaragua will be hosting their 4th meetup at Galerias Santo Domingo. For this time We are going into some sort of quest looking for pony merchandise as well as having a good time doing whatever activity that comes to our mind such playing DDR, eating something and of course ponies.

    Date: September 8th 2012
    Time: 01:00pm
    Place: Galerias Santo Domingo - Managua, NIC

    Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/107771836038082/
    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224804430961915/

    WoW guild

    Server: US - Deathwing (PvP)
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Name: Maximum Brohoof
    To join, /who the guild name and contact any member

    We're a pretty laid back group looking to get some fellow bronies to level 85 before the mists part on September 25th. Our hope is that we'll be able to do some of everything soon after the expansion launches, from raids to challenge mode dungeons to battlegrounds, as well as the general nonsense that is sure to come with the new zones, farms, daily quest hubs, and goofy little items. Until then, we'll hang out, punch dudes, and train alts by punching more dudes, and perhaps talk about ponies while doing the aforementioned tasks.