• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 30 - Dawn of the Final Day

    My dearest students, the time is upon us. You've worked long and hard over the course of the month, and now we have reached the very end. You've learned, you've grown, you've struggled and fought on, and now you have but one final exam remaining. I'm so proud of you! It doesn't matter how many themes you submitted for, or even if you just left a kind word for an artist or two, if you've taken part, you've helped to make the Newbie Artists Training Grounds the most successful event in the history of Equestria Daily! Tonight alone you've brought me another 318 ponies, continuing your world-shattering pace. Our total leading into our very last day is 15909 images. Our stated goal of 16,000 for the event is within reach! Keep at it guys, this is the very last one.

    To submit for Day 30, follow the link and go nuts. The limiters have been released, as this is doubling as a make-up gallery. I think you'll find a challenge waiting for you inside. To ask a question, make a comment, or say goodbye, see me in my office at phoe@equestriadaily.com.

    Now, some of you seemed to be under the impression you were done. Not quite, my little artists! Our very last theme and last assignment is a chance to take a look back and learn exactly how far you've come: Draw any previous theme/Submit a late entry. Note that these things are distinctive. I want you out there drawing new things! See how much stronger your composition has gotten. See how far you've come by redoing a theme from the past. Give me new ponies, so we can go out with a bang. And, for the hardest of core, take our bonus challenge: Draw every single theme in one day. Here is your list. The limiters have been released. Do me proud.

    And now, the gallery. Pomp and Circumpony. I can't believe how great everyone has gotten, and I can't believe that I only get to go through all of your wonderful work one more time before I have to let you go. I'm not... really sure what to do with myself right now. It's meant so much to me to see you all learn and grow and try. You've been the most wonderful students I could ever have asked for. Thank you. Party hard, but don't forget to turn in your final projects.