• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 26

    Whaaaaaaaaaaales! =D

    Excuse me. That's not the theme at all, I'm not sure what came over whaaaaaaaales! I mean, me. What came over me. Tonight we have 341 whales ponies, most of whom are singing, some of whom are gentle giants of the sea. I want to be serious right now but I can't because look at Whalegate up there. She makes me so happy! And every bit as wonderful is our grand total so far: a whopping 14663 images!

    To submit for Day 2-whales... Day 26, carry a harpoon and head over to the submitter, fill out your form, and sing a whaling tune. Eeeeeheeeheeee!

    We're on a quest to find ourselves here in the Artist Training Grounds. Well, not just ourselves, but a lot of things. Mostly ponies. I'm not making sense right now, and I blame whales. Anyway, Draw a pony searching for something/Draw a pony finding a treasure.

    So. Right. Not going to mention cetaceans in this paragraph, I can do this. I can be serious pony for five sentences. Although it's hard, because this gallery is ridiculously fun. Let's all go to the Karaoke Bar. I hope you really enjoy this one, because it's one of my absolute favorites in a long while. There's so much life and fun and vibrancy in here. I know that we're all getting pretty tired at this point, but the ideas you're all coming up with are fantastic and I can't say enough good things about you all right now. Dive in and have fun! We're so close to the end, every day should be a party. I think I'm turning into Pinkie Pie.

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