• EQD and ScrewAttack TF2 Night!

    Remember way back months ago when we would choose a random server and invade it for a night of Team Fortress 2 filled shenanigans?   We figured we would revive that! At least for a night!

    ScrewAttack, who many of you have probably run into if you have anything at all to do with gaming culture, has a kickstarter up for their third Screw Attack Gaming Convention (SGC).  Past events were a huge success, but it quickly outgrew it's available budget.  This is their attempt at a revival.

    EQD and Ponies have always had a huge following of gamers.  Our stream groups are some of the biggest out there.  When they asked us to help get the word out, we were more than happy to play some TF2 in celebration!

    Tomorrow at 7:00 PM PST (August 7th)  we will be livestreaming an open TF2 night.  A couple of people from ScrewAttack and the blog authors of EQD invite you all to join us for a night of random explosions, sappin sentries, and ubercharges.  We might even have a Tribes Ascend server set up as well for those that want to try that one out with us.

    Server lists and twitch TV links will be distributed tomorrow when it begins.  Since Pony Fortress is completely packed at all hours, we will most likely invade a couple of empty non-pony servers. 

    Anyway, hopefully we see you all there!