• Nightly Roundup #391

    Trixie is best character that 2 shots everyone that I can't remember the name of but really like playing.

    Have a roundup while I go play more of that!

    Ponies Invade Habbo Hotel

    Wow, I haven't seen this one since the 4chan days! Apparently they make you take some goofy quiz, and this was one of the questions. 

    Thanks to tjrhulley for the image.

    Fallout Equestria: The Game - Recruitment Teaser

    Looks like we might have some FoE on the horizon!

    Announcing the new pony MMO; Equestria 2D!

    Copy Paste:

    Equestria 2D is an upcoming, new pony MMO aimed at halfway between bronies who love hardcore RPG'ing and
    those who are casual and prefer something like Club Penguin (without the n.

    Equestria 2D (shortned EQ2D) is going to be a new, constantly updated, online world where users will be able to create their own pony and then take it around humongous maps, constantly updated weekly with new locations and places to explore. You will be able to dress up your pony, and then chat with friends. Go on quests to find new items, and much more!

    Next, we would like to announce we will be demoing our game at the UK BronyCon, B.U.C.K. We will be doing the Game Dev Q and A panel plus two demos, also offering the opportunity to all attendees of B.U.C.K to be the first to trial out the game.

    Finally, we would like to ask all artists (proper ponies, not pixely ones), animators (using our proprietary Skeleton editor, simple enough to use) and programmers (C-Sharp) to help us get an awesome looking demo done in time for B.U.C.K. For more information, please sign up on our website, http://www.equestria-2d.com/, and PM Rainbow Dash or GeoPoni with the job title in the subject. We are looking for talent and skill. If you're new to the fandom, but can draw ponies, we will accept you. If you're a 4 year old criminal mastermind but you can make awesome animations with skeleton/bone animation, we will accept you (maybe not if you're a criminal).

    Successful Meetups


    Copy Paste:

    We decided to throw a meetup for Indonesian Brony Group in BIP (Bandung Indah Mall), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We had a considerable amount of fun during our meetup, drawing, discussing pony things, and watched a movie too. And finally dinner at KFC.

    And suddenly Derpy joins the party! Oh and also I think Pinkie enjoys eating the... chicken?!

    Germany Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    Dusseldorf again, with a full-scale 42-people meetup! Despite a week of rain-guaranteed forecast it was dry, yet not sunny.
    Various foods, drinks and activities, such as drawing, plushie-piles, singing and general randomness. Held by the Rhine River.
    Galacon in two weeks.
    Brace for it.
    - Stargaze @ bronies.de

    Grand Galloping Gala Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    here is the article I made for the So Cal Bronies: Grand Galloping Gala!
    This had over 250 bronies in attendance that replicated the Grand Galloping Gala! with the theme being Las pegasus.
    here are articles!
    Check out the website here.

    Montreal Meetup

    No copypaste!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    CR Meetup

    "Costa Rican Bronies of Ponyworld CR will have the second meet up on August 5th in Multiplaza EscazĂș. We gonna have a lunch, meet new friends and hang out with old pals, and also take a couple of pictures for EQD. Here is the link to confirm assistance https://www.facebook.com/events/263597147082590/ "

    Edinburgh, Scotland Facebook Page

    The Edinburgh Brony Facebook Group and Page are finished and ready for you all the join!

    Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Edinburgh-Bronies/475345972476121

    Group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/408260365876695/

    You’ll initially need to wait for us (being Quill, Soundcheck and I, Filmreel) to approve you joining the group. The page will be the HQ for knowing when meet ups are on and updating you on where we are/what we are going to prepare for the next meetup! The group will be for everyone to discuss together about the show and to share your thoughts with each other.
    Rice Lake, WI Meetup



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Applejack Plush
    Pony Buttons
    Lyra Blindbag
    Octavia Blindbag
    Lyra Plushie
    Fluttershy Plushie
    Goth Luna Pillow
    Derpy and Dinky Pony Ornament Set